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Reading dating signs

In actuality, though, they're very mediocre, shallow people with no real unique perspective or depth..They are the biggest cry babies in the entire zodiac, and they are in serious need of some toughening up.The most frustrating thing about them is, they'll never truly understand how their lack of thorough investigation into anything makes them look extremely dumb because they don't care. Capricorns are as duller than dull, cold as corpses, unfeeling and uncaring.

In truth, they're using these things to avoid the reality of everyday activities that they'd rather not deal with, and they are very empty people.But, that'll never happen because they're usually too busy crying about what victims they are.If you're still reading this through the tears welling up in your eyes, Cancer, then I'd also like to add you tell way too many stories about your friends to people who don't know them.They're selfish, immature, unconscious and rabid in their pursuit of what they want. They're greedy as hell, and they'd be happy sitting alone counting their money surrounded by all their useless toys like a grubby-handed toddler.Intellectual, abstract, spiritual matters are beyond them since they only care about what they can get their hands on, but that won't stop them from preaching to everyone about how to live. Geminis seem like they have a lot to add to a conversation until you realize they have — at best — a superficial knowledge about everything they talk about.

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Scorpios are known for being a sexual sign, however, their sexuality has less to do with sensual pleasure than a total lack of any ability to control their impulses.