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Quicken security prices not updating

Apparently Quicken's user base is getting so old that Intuit needed to make it into a large-print app. And, frankly, as one of the old guys who's been using Quicken since 1988, and who has, since then, acquired trifocals, I appreciate it.Really big updates are coming, Forth says, in "the next version of Quicken." I'll wait and without holding my breath even for a second.The software's maker, Intuit, has decided it's a battle it would rather not fight.The company, which has since Quicken 2016 - the latest version - is out today.He has similar talking points as Patzer, but his time at Intuit has made him more realistic (or perhaps resigned) about the future of Quicken, the latest version of which, Quicken 2012, came out today."The platform of the future is Mint," Forth told me.

"People worry about having money." And Mint, unlike Quicken, is a free way to track it.It now uses Mint's categorization engine, so it can auto-file expenses more accurately, and it connects directly to 18,000 financial institutions, up from about 6,000.Quicken 2012 also has new recession-friendly features.Like Patzer was, Forth is no fan of the sunsetting policy, but he says it doesn't work for Intuit to support all the old versions of the app.He says that an annual subscription to Quicken software might be the way to keep users up to date and make sure no one suffers from an inadvertent sunset on their active software.

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Every year, Intuit releases a new version of Quicken.