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Finding that special someone is all about the numbers, and Match definitely has the numbers on its side.Match also allows you to be as specific as you want about your preferences when browsing profiles and filling out your profile.This is not to look down on them at all, I just prefer to identify myself as queer in large part because, at least in my experience, the community of queers is generally more inclusive, as compared to the gay male community which can be quite exclusive if for example, you don’t meet certain unwritten criteria for body type, social appearance or even likes, interests and hobbies.At least for me, being queer just means not being straight and/or normative, and being accepted regardless. I’m not the kind of person who sees a cute dog walking down the street and has an immediate and uncontrollable urge to pet it.If you consider yourself someone who cares about human rights, but don’t care about animal exploitation, the fact that it is contributing to the destruction of the planet means that people are going to die as a consequence and it should probably therefor enter into your considerations for caring for the human race.The current situation of animal exploitation for me has strong parallels between how the LGBTQ community has been (and indeed continues to be) oppressed by others.This gives me great joy because for the first time in ten years, SOMEONE ELSE WILL BE COOKING!(Although I have agreed to make mulled wine.) I’m at Mykey’s family for Christmas, so that means I’m at my parent’s for New Years.

They offered 3 courses for £19.95, so of course we had the full lot. It was like roast beef, smothered in a beautiful gravy with perfect mustard mash and crunchy green vegetables. With this little treat you get good fats without tasting the avocado at all.For vegetarians, finding a place where they can actually eat something can be hard enough as it is — let alone finding a date with similar dietary needs. With their targeted user bases and search filtering options, our 10 Best Vegetarian Dating Sites will help you meet millions of vegetarian and vegan singles.Bragging Rights: Largest user base of vegetarian singles With more than 13.5 million people visiting the site every month and over 1.7 million paying members, has more singles than any other dating site out there — including vegetarian vegan singles.I had a few bites of everyone else’s, including eating the pansies from my mum’s salad, which the whole table found amusing. Luckily I have a lovely Beardy who has a great family and they are having us and the woofer over for Christmas. I tasted some and it was herby, fresh and full of flavour. We tried each other’s puddings and agreed that they were all amazing. Personally, even though I ordered the creme brulee (and it had the crack when I broke the crunchy topping) , I thought the parfait was the star of the desserts. The 0.5 will be remedied when I can have a nice glass of red wine with my steak.

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Of course, no form of activism is perfect, and choosing to do nothing at all may in fact be the worst decision, but my recent realisation has been that by being at the point where veganism and queerness intersect, I’ve come to notice how these things can be intertwined and that ultimately more compassion, love and mindfulness for our fellow humans and non-human co-inhabitants of this remarkable and irreplaceable blue marble can only be a good thing.

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