Queenstown dating site

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Queenstown dating site

A Hitch rep calls me and tells me to wait at the commercial car park. After a while the guy who recently collected passengers comes over, he's apparently my driver.

Turns out there are two commercial car parks and I'm at the 'wrong' one. Now we ride for 10 mins to their office, a makeshift shack in a dirt parking lot.

View all rooms The hotel is situated in the heart of the bustling Kawarau Village, on the beautiful shores of Lake Wakatipu.

Conveniently located only five minutes from Queenstown International Airport, the hotel is just a 15-minute drive or 10-minute water taxi ride into the center of Queenstown.

At this time I've been wasting my precious time in Queenstown and I want to get going, so I accept his offer.

It's an extra USD50, but I figure I'll offset some of that with the Prius' better gas mileage.

The office was open but no employees so we returned the following day to handle it.

We have 178 rooms, all featuring a balcony, lounge area with fireplace, a 32-inch LCD TV and Wi Fi.ERa C Queenstown inform me my car is provided by Scotty's and I have to call them. A guy comes over and collects some other travelers.Scotty's says they are overbooked but they have arranged for another company, Hitch, to provide a car. Now feeling quite cold, I message the driver and he asks where I am.I wait for 25 minutes while he handles the other customers, talks on the phone and directs his staff.So, he doesn't have the car type I reserved but immediately offers to upsell me to a Prius.

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I call the number, but I've been provided their Auckland number, and they tell me I have to call their Queenstown number.

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