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I am on the same work team with them and have difficulty looking them in the eye sometimes.

You have two different issues here: (1) Your coworkers’ affair is making you uncomfortable, and (2) your coworkers are slacking off. Regarding the affair, if your company doesn’t have a policy against fraternization, then these two probably aren’t violating any actual rule.

If it’s not — well, if your management team is at all competent, it’s going to be noticed and addressed at some point.

You can’t say no to attending team dinners if your employer requires them.

(Well, you could say no, but they could fire you for refusing.) However, they do need to pay you for this time if you’re non-exempt.

However, barring that type of law, there is no direct answer.

From a management standpoint, I share your reaction that the directive is bizarre. Does the manager consider these co-workers a bad influence on the employee and is instructing the employee not to hang out with those “bad seeds,” like a parent would?

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tell you not to dine with coworkers: * Dinnertime falls during work, and they want to stagger your breaks rather than having a bunch of you gone at once.

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