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You need to store the value you registered somewhere and use it for unregistering, too.You often nest function definitions in Java Script, because functions can be parameters (e.g., callbacks) and because they can be created in place, via function expressions.Close to local beaches, towns, motocross tracks and Ohakea air force base, yet still remaining peaceful and private, this is the one you have been waiting for!Each new layer only depends on prior ones, enabling you to learn Java Script OOP incrementally.

If you want to read or write properties with arbitrary names, you need to use the bracket operator (see Bracket Operator ([]): Accessing Properties via Computed Keys). As a preparation, we create one property that can be deleted and another one that can’t be deleted (Getting and Defining Properties via Descriptors explains Numbers can be used as property keys in object literals, but they are interpreted as strings.Layers 1 and 2 form a simple core that you can refer back to whenever you are getting confused by the more complicated layers 3 and 4.Special methods whose invocations look like reading or writing properties. Exist only in the ECMAScript language specification.The upcoming examples all refer to the following object, If you extract a method from an object, it becomes a true function again.Its connection with the object is severed, and it usually doesn’t work properly anymore.

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