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Private chatroulet live

The video (or some part of it) has since been watched 10 million times.In the months before the watermelon, Facebook had announced that it would be emphasizing live videos, a capability it rolled out to all of its users in December.What does a suburban neighborhood in Yemen look like? But for all of the anthropological details to be gleaned from the map, the specific streams, often watched by one or two people, are reliably dull.

The video was also perfectly on brand for To get a sense of what regular people are doing on Facebook Live, you can go to the Facebook Live Map, a map of the world scattered with blue dots that each represent someone using the service.

Facebook’s logic is that the longer a clip is, the more time people have to find it while it is still happening. The longer Facebook’s newsfeed, which does not update with the speed or transparency of Twitter, has to alert users.) If this is great for boosting the numbers of people watching and engaging with live video—Facebook has touted the fact that comments are eight times more frequent on live than regular video—it is horrible for rewatching.

The video of the NYPD crushing dirt bikes, for example, starts with 29 minutes of nothing happening.

You see people driving around, sitting in class, watching their children play, getting a tattoo, doing yoga, driving around some more.

Perhaps because it is Facebook, a not-entirely-public, but not-entirely-private space, Facebook Live videos don’t have that intimacy of Snapchat or live-streaming sites like You Now, where people are so often broadcasting from their bedrooms, sharing things they might prefer their aunt didn’t see.

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