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Al-Akhbar Management A Facebook page called “Syrian refugee women for marriage” caused outrage in Lebanon and elsewhere following its creation less than a week ago.While its authenticity is suspect, the brief existence of such a page and the reactions to it represent a symptom for a grander, more pressing issue: a serious need to confront the ongoing trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable Syrian refugee girls and women in the region.“Maybe this Facebook page will give a face to the issue,” Houry said.“It's the visible tip of the iceberg, and part of a broader problem.“The best way to counter [trafficking and exploitation] is getting the authorities to be on the lookout for these intermediaries.Law enforcement need to be involved, and there needs to be protective mechanisms such as support lodgings, ensuring education, hotlines to help,” Houry said.“It seems that sexism is not a crime for them.” “It's a strange page,” Nadim Houry, Human Rights Watch's (HRW) deputy director for Middle East and North Africa, told Al-Akhbar.“It look[ed] like a proto-page, there were no numbers or administrators.” But the strong reactions once more people knew of the pages while they existed has brought out a major tragedy to the fore, that of the ongoing trafficking and exploitation of Syrian refugee girls and women in various Arab countries.

In November 2013, HRW issued a report documenting the exploitation of Syrian refugee currently going through a transitional phase whereby the English website is available for Archival purposes only.All new content will be published in Arabic on the main website (Tip of the Iceberg Throughout the region and beyond, women in weak positions have been exploited, especially during upheavals and war, in forms of physical and sexual abuse, early or desperate marriages to economically well-off men, or on a larger scale that is shaped by the dehumanization and commodification of the female body, among many more acts.As violence and warfare intensified since the eruption of the Syrian uprising in 2011, the exploitation of Syrian refugees, especially women, has grown as well.

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