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Few comedians carry off the supremely arrogant but, with his laconic, lacerated barbs, the French flâneur translates even the average British weather gag into a sophisticated, sardonic assertion of his immodest and defensible superiority” Kylie Northover, The Age, Melbourne Comedy Festival “A saturnine presence with lips made to sneer… Go see him while you can still afford to” d B magazine, Adelaide Fringe “Thank dieu for Marcel Lucont…His sly comedy is all haughty Gallic shrugs, audience put-downs and bafflement at Australian peculiarities.

Perfect for those who like a clever chortle” Rip It Up magazine, Adelaide Fringe “Just the sort of thing you hope to discover at the Fringe… ” Colin Flaherty, The Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne Comedy Festival “A comedy genius…

check out some of this fabulous filth, because this is one Fringe show you should not miss this year… ” David Knight, Rip It Up, Adelaide Fringe “Incredibly funny…Sometimes, arrogance is bliss”“Adopting a status higher than Mont Blanc, philosopher, poet, lover and bon vivant Marcel Lucont is here to spend the best part of his hour on his two favourite subjects: himself, and how much better than you he is…The writing here is often impeccable, with a slick efficiency of words expressing astute sentiment, sometimes ironic, sometimes not…While many acts bombard the audience with a high-energy assault, like puppies desperate to be loved, Lucont gave off an air of nonchalance, retaining his disdainful arrogance throughout.He even managed to get laughs from a well-timed raised eyebrow” Karen Wilson, The Journal, Edinburgh Fringe “Fantastic…

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Reclining on a chaise longue, he demanded, and got, silence…

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