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Peer 2 peer adult cam room

I was a little nervous of setting the threesome up so he set it up for me.

I was taken to the hotel room to meet the guy my husband had chosen for me.

As the walls of their apartment are thin, Kat and Henri sometimes get complaints from the neighbors!

These are utterly fantastic clips as she experiments with her mechanical lover!

Kat's favorite masturbating position is pillow humping, though she also has intense ear-splitting orgasms with just her fingers and with battery-operated toys.

In this video she cums by shoving her pants down to her ankles, resting her legs on the wall, and literally squeaking to an orgasm! During a hot sexting session, Kat's husband encourages his wife to open her legs and play with herself.

She's not aware he's also recording the show for his later enjoyment!

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I don't hide the fact that I think Kat is one of the most sexy women alive.