Over the road truck driver dating climbing dating

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Over the road truck driver dating

Be mindful OP of the separation and if you can trust each other. It would have been very difficult to get a relationship started if he'd been working his normal "schedule" (if you can call it that) and I imagine that will be a big challenge for you.If you meet someone you like and then can't see her again for weeks, it'll be tough.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Once you get established, as long as she can accept the reality of the situation, you can do it."Something about mary" that movie had a clip on truck stops lol.Only thing I seen about semi drivers is they can be wreckless at times in the big ole rigs.Be honest young man, make it known in your profile what you do, what you are looking for and go from there..wishes to you and keep the shiny side up. Yes, it might be harder than some, but you find someone in position to travel along with you, or be willing to be at home while your away and be happy with that.

I was a home body,enjoyed that and that was good for me and the family.Here, some suggest its better he isn't around a lot...... Actually, you would have had better luck back then. A wonderful man is a wonderful man and that's not something I would pass on just because he is a truck driver. or is cross country truck driving really the high paying job, they claim it to be? However, I agree with your first post..chance at a successful relation is about as good as anyone else....to good.When the profession actually paid very well and had really decent men and women doing the job. Well my father was a long haul truck driver for many years, it was hard on us not having him home sometimes, but my parents are coming up to their 50th wedding aniversary, so it can happen.jmoimo, Just find a woman who understands that and to understand that being away from home,and might help to rid of the stereotype thingy in your job. how I miss the " The Three Sisters in winter[I-80] taking it out of gear& going 90 plus mph pulling doubles down the hill... If a mortician can get a date so can you , unless you're a complete moron and ive seen moron get dates too. We are much older than you are, so the issue of starting and raising a family is already behind both of us.lol So do something about it, if someone is going to judge you for your career, guess what??? Quote: I would like dating a trucker, that way I wouldn't have him around 24/7.: Quote Nice one!! My partner works on the oil rigs and is away for months at a time. Without trust you have no relationship and no HOPE of establishing one. I think he and I were both lucky that he fell and broke a bone right when we started dating.

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Yes of course..a different lady in every city that has a terminal you stop at. The best times I had were when my lady was with me, she would drive, I would drive we made shyt loads of $ and there was no question of infidelity.