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Another object of the present invention is to provide a function for showing a user of a database as if a large amount of records are logically updated simultaneously at the designated time.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide a function for realizing referring to a large amount of records at the designated time only by backup of a minimum amount of data.

Furthermore, another problem is imposed that the method always holds a plurality of versions of the database, so that a large capacity storage is necessary.

The present invention relates to a database system for executing batch updating and simultaneous reference to a plurality of records and particularly to a reservation access processing method in an online database processing system in which it is requested to execute access to a plurality of records without executing shared exclusive control for the plurality of records.

Particularly, it is necessary to execute the large-scale batch process for updating and referring to a large amount of records such as getting statistical information of a bank account, updating an account balance on the basis of interest calculation, or backing up data while the online system is stopped so as to reserve the whole table of the database exclusively for a long time.

However, recent demands for a large-capacity of database and prolongation of operating time of an online system are making it impossible to execute the aforementioned large-scale batch process while the system is stopped. 5,287,496 discloses a method for executing the transaction process and the reference access process efficiently in parallel without the two interfering with each other.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a function for registering a plurality of reservation accesses to a record.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a function for canceling a whole reservation access process when the reservation access process fails.

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To solve those problems, a method for establishing consistency at suitable timing by duplicating a system and using one side for an online system and the other side for the large-scale batch process or a method for backing up data periodically and executing a large-scale batch process of a reference system such as generation of statistical information for backup data has been used conventionally. Namely, in this prior art, finite logical versions are held on each page of a database, and they are managed by a time stamp, and information indicating a table for managing the transaction which is carried out at present and the system status is stored, so that for query access to the table with the transaction carried out, access to a database of a newer version is made possible without stopping the transaction.