Online nasty cams

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Online nasty cams

That said, cheaper models will often be light on features.

A cheaper model may lack any of the following features, while a premium model should have any and all of them: The most important aspect of a dash cam is the quality of the footage it records.

Having one installed could help prove what happened or protect you from false claims in the case of a crash.

Some insurers even offer substantial money off your insurance premium if you have a dash cam fitted, too.

Devices with G-force sensors automatically save moments of high G-force, generally during a collision or another impact, and protect these from being overwritten.

Parking mode: a parking mode will allow your dashboard camera to automatically start recording if it detects a collision or impact while you’re parked.

This is typically done by using a forward-facing lens mounted to the windscreen, and a secondary lens mounted to the rear windscreen, to record the road behind.

Pros: Will provide footage if someone hits you from behind.

G-force sensors: dash cams record on a continuous loop, meaning that footage will be recorded over when the SD card is full.

Front-facing dash cams are the most basic and common type of dash cam.

These record from a single camera lens and are mounted onto the windscreen to record the road ahead.

If you're on a mobile device, you'll need to scroll down to the 'features' tab at the bottom of your screen to explore.

Once you've decided which features you want, find a great device that's right for your needs and budget with our Best Buy dash cams.

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This can be very useful for seeing who bumped your car or left a nasty scrape on your door while using a busy car park.

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