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Their characters (Lucas and Peyton) had been two of the five main protagonists, and had provided one of its central love stories, throughout the show.The show is the fourth longest running series on The CW network, or the networks that came together to make it up (The WB and UPN), only behind Smallville, Supernatural, and 7th Heaven. The main storyline in the early seasons is the relationship between two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, who start out as enemies but bond as the show progresses.Most of the filming took place in and around Wilmington, North Carolina.Many of the scenes were shot near the battleship USS North Carolina and on the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus.The story of Lucas and Nathan's father Dan Scott is occasionally explored through flashbacks, which show his relationships with Karen Roe, Lucas's mother, and Deb Scott, Nathan's mother, and how he ended up with one woman rather than the other.He had a high school romance with Karen, resulting in Lucas's birth, but he refused to claim Lucas as his son.The series premiered to 2.5 million viewers and rose to 3.3 million in its second week, becoming one of only three shows to rise in their second episode during the 2003–2004 television season.Season one went on to average 3.5 million viewers, and the second season was the highest rated in the series, averaging 4.3 million viewers weekly and a 1.9 Adults 18–49 rating.

A major episode ("With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept") involves most of the main cast in a hostage situation at Tree Hill High and culminates in Peyton getting shot in the leg, Jimmy Edwards committing suicide and Dan murdering Keith.Lucas's romantic interest in Nathan's girlfriend Peyton Sawyer also strengthens their feud.Peyton's best friend Brooke Davis tries to date Lucas, and Nathan attempts to date Lucas's best friend Haley James.The first season deals with the first half of the main teenage characters' junior year.The focus is on the rivalry between Lucas and Nathan during the state basketball championship.

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Lucas dates Anna Taggaro, Jake Jagielski dates Peyton, and there is a love triangle between Felix Taggaro, Brooke and Mouth Mc Fadden.

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