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Everyone was frightened of him, because of his cruel nature, arrogance, wealth and temper. Even when you were getting married to my son, I was fantasising on how I could enjoy your body 'He continued crudely and shockingly, ' As a matter-of-fact, I had even seriously considered having you kidnapped and brought to my other bungalow, on your wedding day with your bridal clothes on, so that you could spend your wedding night with me - instead of my son. You can have whatever you wish - sarees, jewellery, clothes, delicious food, good education for my grand children. You will have tens of servants at your beck and call. You can relax & sleep during the day, watch television & cable, go to movies, go shopping in the town, play with your children and be happy throughout the day 'He suddenly asked me, ' Did my son fuck you in your anus? I will try and help you by finding a nice lady for you, so that you can get married to her and do all that you wish, with her. 'He angrily replied, ' Look Sangeeta, don't waste my time. You two will be her personal maids from today onwards. Now listen to me carefully and do exactly what I tell you 'He continued, ' Tell Maya and Leela that their job from today is to look after the children. Apply the most expensive perfume all over her body. Apply talcum powder and some soft make up, with a light pink lip-stick on her beautiful face. His organ is almost like an elephant's organ -- when it is erect. His monstrous organ is almost 10 inches long and maybe around 3 to 4 inches in thickness - when it is raging with lust. So both of us have seen, experienced and even enjoyed his huge organ 'I was really shocked and said, ' Oh Nayana -- that is so shocking! He will be waiting for you now 'Janaki covered my head with the palloo of my saree and pulled it over my face -- like a typical Indian bride. My father-in-law was sitting on a huge sofa in the bed-room. They helped me to sit on the bed, like a typical bride -- with my face covered by the palloo of my saree. Your son had pushed it up over my hips, when he did that 'He asked, ' Did it pain you a lot, when he tore your virginity? He kissed and nibbled at the back of my neck, saying, ' Your young breasts are really heavy with milk, Sangeeta. Does that mean that my son is the only man, who has fucked you in your life?He terrorised the whole district with his demands on everything belonging to others -- properties, fields, etc. I wanted to have the pleasure of roughly tearing open, your virginity and seeing you bleed and scream with pain, when my cock was in the process of doing so. So, all my property will come to your children and you, after my death. 'I was shocked at his vulgarity and involuntarily almost screamed, ' No!!! Though she is a ***** widow, yet - put a nice red bindi ( Vermillion ) on her fore-head and lots of flowers in her hair. It should be the same saree, that she wore on her wedding night with my son, three years ago. They applied talcum powder and make up, with some lip-stick on my face. If there is something that I need to know, which would help me, then please tell me 'She hesitatingly said, ' Memsaab ....... His testicles are equally huge -- like tennis balls! He was wearing a thin cotton kurta & a cotton dhoti. When he saw us entering, he stared at me again with lust. 'I replied, ' Yes Baabuji 'He asked, ' Did your cunt bleed a lot? Have you have safely stored all your delicious milk, for me? You must do your duty to your father-in-law - by feeding your milk to me 'He then asked me, ' Bahu, after my son died, from how many men did you get fucked? 'I replied, ' Yes -- Baabuji 'Pressing his erection further into me, he asked, ' What was the size of his erect cock?My eldest daughter is 2 years of age and my youngest son is now, a 4 month baby. Especially at nights, as I do not want you to be disturbed or to start worrying about them, when you are being fucked by me 'He then came close to me, placed his hands on my breasts over the palloo of my saree, pumped them and said, ' Sangeeta, since your baby is only 4 months old, you must be breast feeding him. 'Though I was feeling repulsive due to his hands over my breasts, I bore that and replied him, ' Yes Baabuji, I do breast feed my baby 'Fondling my breasts, he continued, ' Yes -- your lovely breasts look so large and full.This is my real life story, on how I have been exploited and subjected to a life of shame, due to circumstances in life ...... And if I did agree to my father-in-law's perversions, only my life would be ruined. I can feel in my palms that they are full with delicious & warm milk!After she had gone, my evil father-in-law got up from his chair, walked up to me, put his right arm over my shoulders and walked me to another large sofa. I wish to have the pleasure of seeing that blood on your petticoat! My father-in-law then un-buttoned my blouse and removed it. He again caressed my breasts over my bra, for a while. He caught my hand and placed it on his mammoth organ. I was horrified with fear, at the thought of how I would be able to accommodate such a bulky organ, in my comparatively tiny vagina! Within a few moments, to my own surprise, I could feel wetness in my vagina!

'He took one of my nipples in my mouth and happily began sucking my milk, while caressing my exposed thigh. I am going to plant all my sperms in your widowed womb, tonight! But please wear a condom, when you are marauding my body. He laughed, ' Little girl, you are asking me to wear a condom? I want my cock to feel your tight cunt, when it is tearing and opening it up. His colossal penis kept throbbing wildly with lust. I was feeling all kinds of sensations, as he licked my thighs and I could feel my vagina getting further moist. He began to fondle and pump my buttocks with his hands over my panty. I am really enjoying playing and biting them 'He asked me, ' Sangeeta, do you shave your cunt?

I told him that we would not be a burden, or disturb him in anyway. Nayana and myself can see that you are a very decent lady. Being the daughter-in-law of this house, we are sure that you must have earlier heard about your father-in-law's sinful life. We are surprised that you have come inviting trouble! But I stood there silently, enduring his painful bites and his rough hands on my thighs, as I did not wish to put his mood off and make him angry.

I explained to him, that I would do all the cooking in his house, along with other house-work, in return for his permission for us to stay there. After sometime, I managed to free myself, got up from the sofa, went to a far corner of the room and said,' Baabuji, what are you doing? He then removed my saree and flung it on the sofa, leaving me, in my red blouse and white petticoat.

I grew up in economically extremely difficult conditions. I would perhaps be forced by those gangs to become a prostitute. I wanted to get away from him, as that was my baby's milk - which was getting wasted. I want the pleasure of sucking that warm and delicious milk, straight from your nipples, to-night.

The only son of the richest Zamindar ( Landlord ) in our entire district, took a fancy for me. He loved me deeply and we led a happily married life. But tragically, around nine months ago, when I was pregnant with our second baby, my husband was killed in an automobile accident. I said to him, ' Baabuji, can I go and feed my baby now? The baby can be fed pure cow's milk 'He asked me, ' Sangeeta, do you still have the saree, that you wore on your wedding night, with my son with you - now? I have it in my suitcase now 'He asked again, ' Did my son, break your virginity on the wedding night, or was it on some other night?


Having lost my daddy in my childhood, I was brought up by my mother, who worked hard in other people's houses to take care of my up-bringing. .please do not make me do this 'He replied again, ' I am asking you for the last time -- yes, or no? If he did not allow us to stay at his house, I would have to stay on some foot-path with my children. Did I wish my daughter to get raped because of my principles? At least my children would be safe and enjoy the luxuries that his wealth would provide them. So, I decided then, to agree to my father-in-law's terms. 'So saying he pulled me close to him, and continued fondling my breasts.

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