No sex till marriage dating why are you on a dating website

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No sex till marriage dating

Here, the experts share their advice for staying together over the long haul.While it’s important to understand your partner, it may be even more critical to fully know yourself.Be grateful for how uninteresting your life is — that you’re not in the midst of dealing with severe family, money, medical or personal struggles and that you have a dependable partner to lean on if and when life gets interesting in a bad way.

This might seem obvious, but staying married is much more likely if you physically touch one another.“Instead, develop a healthy way of managing disagreements that minimizes harsh words, hurtful tones and harmful reactions,” she explains.When you’re upset, Hershenson suggests using those tried-and-true “I” statements — instead of “you,” which puts the focus on your emotions rather than blaming the other person.“Never assume you know what your partner is thinking or feeling,” Doares says.“Telling your partner what they think or feel is incredibly disrespectful.

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For example, say “I feel upset when I come home from work and there are dishes piled in the sink,” as opposed to “You always leave your dishes in the sink, and I’m sick of it!

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