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Net bindingsource not updating

In the third type of cases, on which are going to focus this article, you may need to update the data base right after the end-user finishes modifying a single value of Rad Grid View.

In order to be able to implement this functionality, you can handle the events of Rad Grid View or its Binding Source.

The problem I was hitting was that the code generated to create the Data Binding between the control property (in this case Text) and the underlying business object property (in this case Destination Root) was defaulting to a Data Source Update Mode of On Validation: What happened was that I made the change in the text box through code, clicked Okay, and the dialog closed.

On Validation didn’t fire because the control never had focus, so the change I made never go into my business object.

In the following sample scenario we are going to demonstrate how the implementation can be achieved. NET Data Table that loads its data from a component is bound to Rad Grid View control.

This approach allows us to update the database when the end-user changes the current row in Rad Grid View.

What I needed was an update mode of On Property Changed.

The change I’d made just before clicking the button was not put into the business object.

Length - 1 Dim data Row View As Data Row View = Try Cast(e. Data Bound Item, Data Row View) If data Row View Is Not Nothing Then Removed Rows.

Count - 1) As Data Row For i As Integer = 0 To Removed Rows.

It's a really a great help atleast you had shown to me that what I am doing isn't wrong because I was worried before maybe at program execution it may give a serious problem, I mean the data.

Do you ever get that annoying problem where you have bound your business object to some controls on a Windows Form and yet after you make a change to the data in a control, your change is not moved to the underlying data source?

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Clear() End Sub Private Sub rad Grid View1_User Added Row(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik.

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