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Ms project percent complete not updating

- Improved GIF compression ratio and speed updating to Gifsicle 1.6.7 (custom built). - Improved EXE compression ratio and speed by replacing GNU strip and Strip Reloc with PETrim. - Improved PNG compression ratio by using tweaking Opti PNG parameters.

- Improved MNG compression ratio by tweaking advmng parameters.

- Improved JPEG compression ratio by tweaking jpegtran parameters. - Extended ZIP support to and - Ability to automate file optimization by invoking File Optimizer with one or more command line parameters, supporting folders to recurse or files.

- Improved PNG compression ratio by tweaking PNGOut parameters.

- Improved APNG compression ratio by using Png Out and Opti PNG with them too.

- Improved ZIP compression ration upgrading to z Recompress 2.10.

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1.50 - 2012/08/25 - Added BMP optimization support with Image Worsener.