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We don't buy our member database - all our members are unique to us.

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Money cult leader Sino Soegihartonotonegoro with keris sacred daggers in his Cirebon home, which is filled with mystic statuary and mysterious oils.

Simply connect with Gold or Platinum members to get started.The release of that giant cache will spell the end of the rapacious global money market as we know it, he assures me.“Almost 100 per cent of people on the earth are in debt, even the governments are in debt,” Sino ­explains, as his followers laugh ­indulgently.“So who are they indebted to?I am the ­person who holds the certificate for the collateral that will allow people to print money.”The outlandish concept ­appears to take its inspiration from a wave of anti-financial-­establishment cults spawned during the 2008 global financial crisis.If someone interests you and you want to know more about them, then all you need to do is ask!Keeping your registration with us costs you nothing and you have nothing to lose other than the prospect of meeting your match online if you're not a member.

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The truckie was deposed in an internal Australian putsch a few years ago; he says for opposing corrupt activity such as attempts to collect money from members and convince better-off delegates to fund the lifestyles of others.

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