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-- Married and living in a community property state?

Your spouse might be affected if you file bankruptcy, but you may have other debt-relief options. (See Bankruptcy's effect on spouse)Q&A: How cardholder behavior can impact your credit -- Lesser-known 'behavior scores' consider unique aspects of your credit card behavior, and may affect the kinds of offers you get, but only from your existing card issuer. (See Behavior scores and credit availability)CFPB sues country's largest debt settlement company -- Federal consumer watchdog accuses Freedom Debt Relief of misleading customers, collecting unearned fees ...

-- Secured card deposits act as repayment insurance if a cardholder misses payments. (See Secured card deposits)Should my parents sell their home to pay off card debt?

-- It's better to take the time to craft a thoughtful approach to getting out from under debt obligations. (See Selling house to pay debt)Q&A: Why is there a difference between my credit scores?

-- Until the account ages off your credit report, make the most of this time by adding positive information to your credit files. (See Charged-off debt)When Santa is on a budget, what do you tell the kids?

(See Authorized users)Q&A: How to achieve a good credit score as a first-time cardholder -- Achieving a good credit score is possible even if you are a first-time cardholder.

Make sure to never miss a payment, keep a low balance and not apply for another card until your card is a year old. (See First-time cardholder's credit)Average card APR stays put at 16.15 percent for fifth week: Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report -- Oct.

18, 2017: Interest rates on new card offers remained fixed in place Wednesday, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report ... podcast: How not to get rich – according to Mark Twain -- Author Alan Pell Crawford, author of "How Not To Get Rich: The Financial Misadventures of Mark Twain," discusses what we can learn from this literary genius’ financial failures ...

(See Alan Pell Crawford)2017 Retail Store Card Survey: Customers lured to high interest cards with more rewards -- Retailers are increasing rewards offerings on high-interest co-branded and store-only credit cards, according to a new report from Credit (See 2017 Retail store card survey)Q&A with author Emma Johnson on protecting credit as a single parent -- As a single mom going through a big life change, it's critical to stay on top of your credit because that's when you're going to need it most ...

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-- Adding a paid-off credit account to your credit report won't automatically boost or hurt your score; your credit history will determine its impact. (See Adding paid-off credit account to reports)Rate survey: Average card APR dips to 16.14 percent -- Dec.