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This is a gold star suck job if we've ever seen one!

Shane strips his boy, bends him over, slaps his ass and gets to eating.

He slaps his heavy, rock hard cock against his chiseled six pack, then spits on his fingers and slaps the saliva in his hole.

The tall peaches and cream dreamboat has got the goods and he slowly unveils them.

He eye fucks the camera, drawing us in as he strips seductively.

Gray grips his girthy groin and relaxes into the ass banging while he puts some torque on his torpedo causing it to fire a fierce load of liquid fuck into the air blasting past the boy's shoulder! He thrusts inside his boy once more then hops up to coat Caleb's face with cum.

Happy and spent, Gray gobbles the last few gobs of nut from Hunt's hammer then Adam moves in for a kiss, tasting himself on Caleb's glazed kisser.

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He jacks his rock hard jock as beer can boy bangs his beautiful butt causing Kyle to blast cum onto his smooth six pack.

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