Masi oka dating

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Masi oka dating

The masked thugs storm the house and take the family, fellow mourners and Kono hostage. An armored truck is brought in at the captors’ request; the three men and Kono climb in and speed off.Unbeknown to them, Steve is strapped to the vehicle’s undercarriage.He looks at his father standing back by the vehicle. Masked thugs emerge from the van, grab the just-released teenager, throw him into their vehicle and speed off.When the Five-0 team tracks down the van, the teen’s body is in the back.“Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I’d picked up the phone and called her,” he tells Mary Ann.That night at the Mc Garrett home, there is a knock on the door. They hug and cry while Steve watches from the landing.

Years later, he got a call from a highway patrolman who said the daughter – Morty’s only child – had been killed by a drunken driver.

Season 2 focused mostly on the identity of the mysterious Shelbourne, as well as the search for Mc Garrett nemesis Wo Fat and plots hatched by disgraced former cop Frank Delano – ongoing stories that came together in the season finale. Sister Act 2: Back in the Five-0 After installments that included a satanic Halloween and a lame terrorist plot (recapped below), Season 3, Episode 7 of finally got back to the Mc Garrett family saga but didn’t advance it much.

Baby sis Mary Ann (Taryn Manning), still unaware of Mom’s rise from the dead, returns to Hawaii at Steve’s behest.

She asks if his brother taught him those, and he says yes.

She grabs a chemistry book from a shelf, flips to the periodic table and asks the boy to repeat the list of elements so she can write down their atomic numbers. She notifies Chin Ho that she has the password, but the phone goes dead before she can pass it along.

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Mary Ann delivers a powerful monologue to her late father about how much she misses him, how she remembers him crying when Doris supposedly died; and how angry she is with her mother now.