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The 15 DOT Live Streams offer a share button, and a return link to the webcams page.The other webcams offer more detailed information that varies from cam to cam based on available access to the image. These sites create 24 hour and 30 day time lapse video of webcams from around the world.The date/time on the image and movies shows local Davis time. Com featured one web camera showing the lift bridge in Fairport, NY.NYC theaters I know and love cannot fill their seats, even for shows that get brilliant New York Times reviews.

It was clear to me was that we had to transform the live performance into a live online performance that was tailored to a small screen and a lean forward audience.Yes, you read that right, actors are protesting getting paid… because the theaters won’t survive if they have to pay their actors an hour.Declining audiences, of course, means declining revenues - and no matter how noble our artistic intentions, at the end of the day money is required to put food on the table, heat in our homes, pay in our checks and curtains on our prosceniums.This is way out of the reach of 99.5% of the productions in the US. We need to build audiences that will champion our theaters, not tune in for one wonderful event and forget about us afterwards. - @cyncooperwrtr The thrill of live theatre, the feeling of being part of it and yet I’m miles away…amazing. [email protected] Tickets to brick and mortar venues are decline. In our digital age the same can be said for almost every industry. The are everywhere, they are passionate, they want to know us better, they want to share in our work, and they want to share our work with their friends.We need to build passionate communities who will be excited to support our work year after year after year Nothing replaces the excitement of live performance and nothing creates community like live-streaming. Our streams cost 1% or less of **what it costs to broadcast the Met or a Broadway show. Distribution costs for online streaming are comparably minuscule, and by transferring production from old school broadcast/satellite trucks and their crews to a multi-camera live edit solution that literally fits on a standard 5’ conference table you are reducing your crew budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today’s audiences want to feel like they have ownership of the creative work they are consuming - things as simple as a dedicated social media host who provides live online callouts and responds to viewers using your event hashtag provide a realtime personal connection to the viewer no matter where they are in the world. There is a brave new world online that is affordable, interactive, global and accessible to theaters of all sizes.

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Why has the theater community found itself in such an economically painful predicament?

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