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Is harvey dahl dating

"Inasmuch as it's about a young girl who likes shoes and believes in the idea of romantic love."Over the years, Dahl has been linked to a pack of celebrity suitors: the ageing rock god, the actor Griffin Dunne, the playboy Tim Jefferies.More recently she was spotted canoodling with the actor Benicio Del Toro.Sophie's father is the Carry On actor Julian Holloway, and the couple went their separate ways when Sophie was a baby.

He was a strong patriarchal figure whom everyone adored and longed for his approval; he was extraordinary. The most enduring memory I have is of him being extremely magical and funny."Acting is also in her gene pool.Dahl was constantly shifted between Tessa's home in Los Angeles and boarding school in the English countryside, as well as a stint at an ashram in India, and her chaotic lifestyle led to episodes of depression and anorexia."I thought if I can't control where we live, I can control what I put in my mouth," she once admitted.When their love is thwarted by an unspecified indiscretion on his part, she decamps to New York where she spends her dark days playing poker, dating unsuitable men and haunting the mummy room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.As with most things Dahl does, the book has caused a sensation in London, amid claims it is a thinly veiled version of the author's life.

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