Is gabrielle union dating idris elba

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Is gabrielle union dating idris elba

I need you to walk beside me, I don't need you to carry me or drag me along and I don't want to drag you along.But, if I'm financially independent and you are financially independent and accountable for however your life is and whatever form that takes, that's great. We can walk together and have a spiritual partnership that Oprah talks about. How much of your personal life informs your performance in the film?Find out why Dwyane says Gabrielle makes his eyes light up.TYLER PERRY’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS An Interview with Gabrielle Union By Niambi Sims February 12, 2007 When you look at Tyler Perry’s films, the one thing you see is that he has created a strong role for women in his films, judging by the performances given by Kimberly Elise (Diary of a Mad Black Women) and Rochelle Aytes (Madea’s Family Reunion).For the past three years, the leading lady in Dwyane Wade's life has been actress Gabrielle Union.Despite their nine-year age difference, he calls her the love of his life.

(laughs)'s a comedy which is what I love to do best. It's kind of like the lives of like Posh Spice and those sorts of women. So, I play this up and coming pop star who's engaged to this Chad Johnson-ish wide receiver and there's the wife of the Bret Favre-ish kind of character and she's kind of ruthless and cunning and there's the new wife and, basically, [it's about] how our lives intersect and all the things you go through as the wife of a professional athlete.

I think a lot of us, even we are financially independent, get caught up [with] this antiquated Prince Charming that we've developed at nine years old that has no place in an adult woman's life... GU: It did because [Tyler Perry] wrote it based on a lot of our conversations and it was incredibly difficult-- the scene that was shot in the car where I made the vow to put myself out there in order to keep him was incredibly difficult.

Like, we have this idea that they should come from "this" kind of family and have "this" many zeros at the end of their paycheck and a white horse or a white Porsche or whatever. It's not the fact that we were shooting at in the morning at the end of a very long day it was just emotionally trying.

I don't want anyone who's looking for me to validate them or fulfill them, financially or with swag or anything else that they think comes with being me... And to find that place where you feel comfortable in your abilities and confident in your surroundings, you're not the token and you're there because you have ability and that you're there because you're qualified.

Once you get past that, trying to find somebody within the dating structure is a whole other set of issues.

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Upcoming for Perry is his latest film, “Daddy’s Little Girls”, which stars Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba in a reverse-Cinderella tale that centers on a successful attorney (Union) who falls in love with a financially challenged mechanic (Elba) who is a single father of three children.

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