Is danny jones dating georgia horsley

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Amy Williams & Craig Ham The Olympic champion married her solider in Bathampton, after meeting on Tinder and becoming engaged after just 12 weeks!

Appropriately, they danced to a song from the TV series Nashville, of which Amy is a fan.

Wedding Dance Song: 'Your Song' sung live by Ellie Goulding On being asked to perform at the Royal Wedding Ellie said "It was an amazing honour to be asked by Kate and William to perform at their party.

The atmosphere was incredible and it is a night I will never forget.

It keeps having hiccups, I love it, I just laugh my head off when he’s got hiccups! ” Danny and Georgia posed with Harry and Izzy Judd [Getty] Meanwhile, Harry appeared to further confirm that Danny could be having a boy, as he said: “We’re all just excited to meet Danny’s kid – Danny Junior.” Danny and Georgia, who married in 2014, previously shared a video that revealed how they told their friends and family the sweet news.

The first part of the video was Danny discovering he was going to be a dad, with the stunner sitting down with the singer on their bed, before handing him a positive pregnancy test.

Georgia Jones reveals her bare baby bump with husband Danny Jones [Georgia Jones/Instagram] He broke down in tears before embracing the former Miss Great Britain.

When asked if he’s excited about fatherhood, Danny – who walked the red carpet with bandmate Harry Judd – replied: “Yes, I can’t wait.But I could not get it on my i Phone or my Android so we had Cole Porter instead." by Ed Sheeran, for which the newlyweds invited their guests to join them on the dance floor.Ronan Keating & Storm Uechtritz This late summer Scottish wedding had the most amazing first dance surprise. my kindness – that people often mistake for weakness. an eco-friendly car now but I used to drive an Aston Martin. a wine and cheese shop and the Rag & Bone shop – I like a good clothing shop and the rock’n’roll look. I also love the chilled vibes of Cornwall and the Cotswolds. I couldn’t be bothered with customers who are rude to the staff. a nice Sunday roast, then going down to the pub on the river and watching the sun go down on the Thames. Bolton – it’s where I am from, it has a lot of memories. I had two weeks of holiday then a week writing songs, meeting people and producing. I suffer from anxiety and I believe the power of the mind is super-amazing, so I learned a lot from his book. Well, my wedding, obviously, but also meeting Bruce Springsteen when he was doing a book signing. go to the bank, get all my money out and take out a loan because I know I wouldn’t have to pay it back, and I would give loads of homeless people something awesome, then I would gather my family and take them to a villa in Spain for us all to be together.

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