Is bob bowman dating anyone

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Is bob bowman dating anyone

He had re-interviewed dozens of local people and taken DNA samples to try to solve what had really happened to Brooke Henson and found himself thwarted at every turn."Everyone in this town had a theory about what happened to Brooke," he said.For one man, Jon Campbell, a slight, sandy-haired tenacious investigator in the police department of the tiny town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, it is the end of what became an obsessive case resembling the plot of Steven Spielberg's , starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks as the FBI detective Carl Hanratty always hotly in pursuit of his prey. In the summer of 2006, Campbell received a phone call from a police officer in New York.

There was a medium who claimed to have seen her body beside "yellow rope" and then there was the inmate from a neighboring jurisdiction who got cops to drive him around in the pouring rain and dig.He called the parents of one young man, in Detroit.Finally he got the name he was looking for; the young man's parents believed the woman calling herself Natalie Bowman was really one, Esther Reed.Today in a courtroom in South Carolina, Esther Elizabeth Reed's fantasies finally ended.The 30-year-old brunette, who has spent eight of the past ten years on the run, often entering Ivy League schools under adopted fake identities, and evading cops with an extraordinary web of deception, faces up to over four years in prison.

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Both woman bore an uncanny resemblance to one another.

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