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Are you a fan of animals, a foodie, history buff, or sports enthusiast?

Is it culture and performing arts you seek – or romance, and lively nighttime fun perhaps?

We have so much to share, and we look forward to showing you OUR Central Florida.

Nothing beats a spontaneous getaway for a little theme park magic, right? We have so much to see, do, taste, hear, and experience throughout the Central Florida region.

During the months of December and January, we will be spotlighting various ways you can experience Central Florida – without even setting foot in a theme park.

As you’ll see in many of my blog posts, the issue is with how it’s taught.

Statistics is mainly taught in Greek symbols, much like a majority of our more advanced math.


It’s something called sample standard deviation, a measure of variance, or in more plain terms, a measure of how spread out numbers in a data set are.