Internet dating for rich people

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The challenge is, I have to stay focused whenever I’m using the internet.

If I don’t, I’m liable to blink and realize three hours have passed, and a little light reading about vanguard index funds somehow devolved into a detailed video analysis of the latest Christopher Nolan movie. I veered off course, one thing lead to another, and soon I was tumbling down the teserract of distractions.

which quickly compounds into a couple hundred dollars spent on hotels, a rental car, and then a week’s worth of vacation spending.

On the whole, we can realize that we’re already 1-percenters and that money is an amazing tool for building freedom.Well, not entirely radar-less, as there are plenty of handsome model types and TV show stars who must’ve gotten their invites from somewhere, and we have a hard time thinking there is some sort of famous person Listserv that exists. Which means, they are eligible and want to date you, me, each other, or maybe a famous cat.While we have heard that these people have browsed Raya at one point over the past few months, they might not be there . Just kidding—we definitely confirmed their presence in one way or another, but with the app’s dedicated opacity, their mere presence may have vanished into a vapor made of lost dreams, smoke machines, and adorable photos of pit bulls.For the sake and security of your own financial and lifestyle future . if you or your company are looking for a quicker and easier way to achieve your goals and realize your dreams .

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