Indian dating in dubai

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The beneficiary then receives the amounts after a certain time period, say five years, as endowment; or, the family gets the benefit in the event of death or if they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances,” said another person.

“Traditionally, Dubai has been used by Indians and NRIs to park their unaccounted money through different structures.

There are no restrictions on the type of US visa you need to hold.

It just needs to be valid for 6 months on the date that you arrive in Dubai.

According to three senior finance professionals ET spoke to, more and more nominee directors are being used to camouflage the true ownership of such companies. Later, you transfer funds lying in other destination like Switzerland and Jersey to the bank account of a Dubai company.This facility has now also been extended to Indian citizens who hold a residence permit in the UK or European Union.Furthermore, you can extend your stay once for an additional 14 days upon payment of a fee.For opening accounts of companies, banks in Dubai are insisting on tax ID of the home country, copies of passport, and, occasionally, the presence of Indian shareholders of these entities.Banks, according to an expert in foreign currency regulations, are taking more than a month to open accounts compared to 3-4 days before.

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But, now, banks are more agile and enquiring about the ultimate beneficial owners.

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