Indexing not updating outlook 2016

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Indexing not updating outlook 2016

Because rebuilding the index is a slow process that may use a lot of your system resources, you can use Advanced Find (Ctrl Shift F) until you have time to let the index rebuild.If you have contacts folders in different PSTs and don't want to include them in your search, you can remove them from the search by clicking on the arrow found on All Contacts Items and removing PSTs from the list.

You can do this from the Windows Control Panel or from within Outlook. At the right pane, select COM Add-ins and click Go… Uncheck the checkbox next to the Add-in that you want to disable and click OK. ** If Microsoft Outlook is not listed, then click Modify and add it to the above list. At Advanced Options, click the File Types tab and check the pst and the ost checkboxes. Then click the Index Settings tab and click the Rebuild button. If you ‘re using Windows 7 or Outlook 2007, type Indexing on the Search box and then open Indexing Options. Make sure that Microsoft Outlook, is included in Indexing Locations list and then click Advanced.To rebuild the Search Index in Outlook 2010 and newer: While it's generally better to use the Rebuild button when you need to rebuild the index, you can delete the search index files from the hard drive to force Windows to rebuild the index.Delete all files and folders in these directories: C:\programdata\microsoft\search\data\temp C:\programdata\microsoft\search\data\applications\windows After you reboot, Windows will start to index your Outlook files all over again.

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The Outlook Search issues, can appear suddenly or after updating (or upgrading) Outlook or Windows If Outlook search does not work, or doesn’t return all or the correct results, then follow the instructions mentioned below to resolve Outlook search problems. If this article was useful for you, please consider supporting us by making a donation.