Humble the poet and superwoman dating

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Lily portrays almost all the characters in her videos, which includes Manjeet, her dad and Paramjeet her mom, both stereotypical Punjabi NRI parents who are often left baffled by Superwoman's antics.

We caught up with the talented You Tuber in LA where she is busy shooting for her newest reality show, The Tube Hautest (in which she plays all three beauty vlogger contestants).

With almost 40 lakh subscribers to her You Tube channel (ii Superwomanii), 14 lakh Facebook fans and over 50 thousand followers on Twitter, Superwoman aka Lilly Singh from Canada is an online hero and how!

And if you know the who's who of the virtual world, you'll know why we gave her those three exclamation marks.

A couple of them have my granddad, and recently I did one with my dad.

I love them because it takes a kind of courage to put your family on the Internet and expose them to virtual judgment and I was happy I could get past the fear and share my family with my fans.

Growing up I must have watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun some 55 times and when the collaboration came through I was in a daze.

I still don't believe that I got to share space with Madhuri. Another favourite would be the ones which have my family members in them.

Superwoman is more of a performer, which Lily isn't. Here is the think plan behind Superwoman, her upcoming show in India and why she watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun 55 times.A lot of people have this misconception that all a You Tuber has to do is make videos. Aside from video days (which are a chaotic mess), my regular days consist of meeting a bunch of people for tie-ups, reading and writing scripts, shooting for a whole lot of other things that I am doing, brand collaborations... Growing up, I was always creatively inclined and when You Tube came about it was like getting the perfect platform to showcase what I wanted.This time, instead of saying “Leh” after every sentence, you will chant “#IVIVI.” And like most people, if you are wondering why the song’s title only consists of roman numerals, it is because IVIVI means 416, which also happens to be Toronto’s area code.A song with lots of Toronto pride has seen more than one million views.

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The -minute music video is an ode to their hometown, with lots of shout-outs to people from all over the world who also call Toronto their home.

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