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Most creationists I know are dead certain that God WILL destroy the Earth (and soon!

), but just not with water next time (most seem to favor fire, but personally I expect it to be peanut butter [extra chunky]). And yet more rainbow nonsense: God states multiple times that it will be in a cloud, He will “set [His] bow in the cloud.” Rainbows aren’t formed or seen “in clouds.” They appear when the sun shines on raindrops and is refracted back at the proper angle to the viewer.

Having dared to broach the subject of a God who seems less than omniscient (didn’t He know all this was going to happen ahead of time? Why would God need a lengthy Flood to destroy miscreant humans? Why don’t creationists get all exercised about the murder of those unborn?(Note to creationists who are seriously bent out of shape by these “sacrilegious” questions: this is not an attack upon the qualifications or abilities of the Almighty, but upon Did ALL those people deserve brutal and terrifying deaths? In celebration of all the blessings bestowed upon him, he got drunk as a skunk and lay around naked.Then when his thoughtful son Ham tried to help him out by getting help to cover his bare butt, Noah cursed him and his descendants forever (and God, apparently, backed up that curse [and biblical literalists have used that as a justification for slavery and segregation of blacks , among other atrocities]).How did Noah know which species were clean several thousand years before God imparted those laws to Moses?And if Noah knew about “clean” animals, why wasn’t that knowledge passed down through the generations?

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Is it possible that the whole business about “clean” animals necessary for sacrifices was tacked on later by a bungling editor who forgot to check the context for obvious contradictions?

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