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I would never shoot one despite being a avid hunter. I consider myself blessed as not many people get to see one as many times as I have. Ive taken a melanistic white tailed buck on request of the Georgia Forrestry Commision. When I was about 16 a group of close friends and I would always go bow hunting after school together.I prefer to just admire them as they are quite beautiful…and rare. They took the deer for research, and even offered to pay me for the effort. One evening after getting out of our stands, we met at the trucks, and noticed our one buddy hadn't come out of the woods yet.

If you're curious try the Quick Search as our guest.Having escaped the attempt and the Archduke unhharmed, Ferdinand insisted a few hours later on going to the hospital to visit the injured attendants.On the way to the hospital the driver got lost and ended up stopping in the road to turn around..You're one click away from your perfect hot local sex date!Sign up for FREE to view profiles on all our members.

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(he was later arrested and imprisoned) Both Ferdinand and his wife died.

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