Hot chat fee

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Hot chat fee

with a story about a legal battle that broke out when Jet Smarter tried to raise their membership fees. It felt like I was dealing with the mafia,” the member said.

But the Jet Smarter membership agreement includes a non-disparagement clause that allows Jet Smarter to terminate anyone who makes negative or disparaging comments about the company or its employees.

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He flew a half-dozen times in his first six months, taking trips from his Denver home to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and various vacation paradises.

“I’m paying this amount of money and getting ,000 flights for free, that’s a good deal.” Over the last two years, Jet Smarter has earned a reputation as a fast-growing startup with a luxury product and investors to match.

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“Network with other members and make friendships that matter.” The media took to calling it the “Uber for private jets.” But while the company was accumulating the trappings of success, members began experiencing increasing turbulence.

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