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Guinea nude

In November 2009 we made another expedition to the tribe Korowai Dalam though. The most experienced people who where willing to bear the risk of possible failure and eventual injury.None of us knew for sure that the Korowai Dalam existed and we did not know whether they would react aggressively.It is difficult to say whether there are are any other tree people tribes behind the pacification line, as only few people manage to penetrate it.Until now, Papua has been the wildest area in the entire world.Missionaries came to this tribe and settled in its territory mere five years ago. We enjoyed wonderful moments during the stay at this tribe.Moii tribe is very isolated; it would be practically impossible to reach without the use of helicopters. The most interesting finding was the culture of the Moii tribe.

So far, we have not seen anything like this at any „primitive“ tribe.

First contact expeditions head towards these “remote areas”.

In 2004, I came to the Simba tribe which had been discovered only few years earlier – in 1999.

I don’t include here any – even an approximation – as to the location of this “unnamed” tribe.

I only decided to publish photos and possibly a description of their customs, similarly as I did with the Simba tribe.

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Lots of tree houses are situated very high in the tree tops and decorated by the bones of hunted animals – like haunted castles. In the villages where the people let us go in we were able to make some friends.

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