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Goran visnjic dating

Up close, his skin is so dramatically white and his eyes so dark that one can't help thinking of Rudolph Valentino. Visnjic, who has been working flat-out for 18 months, says he cannot wait until the weekend when he will be flying back home to Croatia, a place, he fervently insists, that isn't the shell-littered wasteland one might imagine.'The coast, where I grew up, is far from those places Macedonia and Kosovo,' he explains, folding his 6ft 4in frame into a dinky sofa. For example, on the northern part of Croatia, where I am from, no bullet was exchanged.

I, meanwhile, just stand there dithering about how I am going to get down.There is also Committed, in which he plays a desert-dwelling piñata-maker opposite Heather Graham.Scott Mc Ghee's psychological drama The Deep End (to be released in the UK in November), in which Visnjic plays a sinister blackmailer opposite Tilda Swinton has been hailed by the New Yorker magazine as one of 2001's best films.When I ask him, meanwhile, how his stay here has been (for three months, while filming, he has been living in a rented flat above a pub off Trafalgar Square), whether, for example, he has been to The Ivy, he looks at me in bafflement. He does, however, know exactly where Sega World is in the Trocadero and he would love to do some sightseeing if he had more time (one of his favourite places in the world is the Uffizi in Florence, but he has not yet had a chance to visit any galleries in London).When I ask whether he has seen Madonna or Nicole Kidman while filming here, he visibly winces. One also gets the sense that, above everything, he takes his craft very seriously indeed.

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