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But this scene is long, powerful, realistic and very harsh. And she (I mean the character) must know what it will be like, because we can discover scars of a former whipping on her back once she is stripped. We are fortunate though to see almost all of Lupita's naked body after the 25th whiplash for a few seconds, and as the camera zooms on to her back, we see a few lashes landing on it and wow... We see the whip landing on her skin ripping out parts of her skin.

I won't go into too much detail about the reason of the whipping, and why the beautiful (played by: Lupita Nyong'o) is being whipped by two different men (by a slave and by an overseer). Unfortunately, during most of the whipping we see the whipper only, or the face of Lupita combined with the whipper on the scene (front view) but again the reactions of the actress are priceless. We actually see small parts of her skin flying away after each strokes.

And as it's already been alluded to, he was one of the first to graphically do extreme stuff. ------------------------- Pedro: Hey, thanks for giving us the heads up on the whipping scene.

I had seen that clip online a while back, but the site where I saw it closed down.

A good actress who has a career simply won't accept a role in our genre.

I have nothing against Pedro or Mood Pictures, but I would be more inclined to buy their wares if the videos focused more on fantasy and less on reality.

Even if the actress is willing (consensuality opening a whole other can of worms), the fact that real pain, real blood, real wounds and real suffering are depicted to satisfy someone's sexual desires changes the entire dynamic of a scene for me.

Method actors are renowned for enduring all sorts of discomfort to improve their performance.

I had some correspondence with him several years ago, and we discussed working on some projects together, but his health was failing even then so the project never came about. RIP, Dennis, and thanks for the years of pleasure your artwork gave me. He invented an infinite variety of original, brutal tortures and death traps for his hapless victims.

Fetish artist de Mullotto has reportedly died a few days ago... I never communicated with the man but I sure knew his work from his many book covers and later from bits I saw on the web. It seemed each of his heroines suffered in a manner unique to her and her alone.

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To further illustrate my point, how many of us could enjoy Lupita Nyong'o's whipping in So, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents on the comments about Mood Pictures with real tortures vs. I've watched quite a few Mood Pictures scenes and only really enjoyed one and that whipping looked very real and very consensual.

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