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Geek girl dating

She will give you space and let you relax and not jump into you at all times.

Image Source: She is all independent, doesn’t like to rely on people or her partner for things.

Don't even think about asking her why she has so many books or comic books, or telling her she should get rid of any of them, or asking her if she's even read all this stuff. I am part of a fandom and I must have the complete collection of all things.8.

She is smart, intellectual and very much capable of handling her issues herself.

In mere words, she doesn’t expect anything from you.

Never ask her where she finds the time to watch that much TV. Be prepared for friendly arguments about which season of a TV show is the best.

I have a list of reasons a mile long and will happily talk to you about them until you fall asleep and I have to wake you up so I can finish my reasons. At some point, you might have to just indulge her and watch 11.

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