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As a solution to poverty this ignored the fact that Britain already had more than enough resources to clothe, feed and house all of its population.

It real aim of colonisation was building a bigger British Empire.

The IWW wasn't able to survive the attacks of the governments and corporations who backed the Army.

After many years of deportations, murders, arrests, jailings and beatings the IWW lost the massive support it once had (although it actually survived and in recent years has gotten slightly bigger, with the revival of anarchist ideas around the world).

Its own organisational setup reflected this love of authority, with a military structure complete with uniforms and an army band.

Along with all the other Christian sects they were quick to claim a slice of each country's native people as their spiritual property.In helping fight the IWW the Salvation Army eliminated all competition.It helped carve out a position for itself as one of the only organisations allowed by the government to 'help' the homeless and unemployed.For him the work of a good Christian was to piously tend to the poor rather than work with them in the hope of transforming a society based on poverty for some people and profit for others.Regardless of their attitude towards social structures the primary aim of the Salvation Army was not to provide charity, but to win souls from the devil.

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However the social system that created conditions of poverty and inequality was not to be improved or replaced via social revolution.