Gambia dating

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However, as in every tourist hotspot, tourists need to be aware of people trying to take advantage of the “all is well” holiday atmosphere which causes the traveler to be off guard when it comes to being tricked or scammed.

The differences in culture and habits can be a bit confusing, even to the experienced traveler, and that gives those with dishonest intentions an advantage, especially with travelers who have just arrived after a long and exhausting flight.

These criminals work out of mostly Western African countries like Gambia, all together in a kind of “boiler room” behind a series of computer screens, simultaneously chatting and e-mailing with dozens of unsuspecting love seekers at once.If you happen to run into a new kind of scam, or if you have a story about how the swindlers work, make sure you tell us about it.That’s the best way to warn other travelers and to prevent them from falling into the same traps. Don’t be discouraged by these stories, they don’t happen to everyone, and they don’t mean Gambia is unsafe.And just when this is about to happen, the scammer unexpectedly runs into trouble (usually a medical emergency with their family), and they desperately need money to make sure everything will be okay and they can finally meet each other.Or they claim to almost be out of money, but they happen to have gold or diamonds which they can’t convert in their current country, or they can’t take it with them on the airplane.

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I am simply sharing information that I was very shocked to read.