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Posted by / 15-Nov-2019 16:56

This past Sunday’s San Francisco Pride Parade was no exception.

If you’ve never been in in such a parade, the whole experience is fun.

Berlin claimed during the trial that he is a "furry," someone who takes on an animal persona, in his case a panda, to act out fantasies.

We met our group for breakfast in So MA, and fueled up for the day.Then it was off to the parking garage to change into our costumes before heading over to the staging area.So much fun can be had as a furry simply wandering a city street in costume. Two Fridays ago, about a dozen of us took to Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz for an evening.Sprow called the sentence Hoover imposed "appropriate."Defense attorney William T.Tully said he will discuss the possibility of an appeal with Berlin.

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I can only imagine that this is the same rush a celebrity or famous musician feels when on stage.