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It is managed on the principle of an admix- ture of sporting with general news, not giving engross- ing prominence to the former, but amply sufficient for any moderate lovers of sport. Is a reprint of the Mortmig Chronicle, of which we have already given an ample description in the general account of the Morning Journals. This arrang;einent is adapted to the leisurely and quiet habits of such classes as the clergy; and it is also one free from the objections attaching- to Sunday news- papers, while securing' as much as possible of their advantages. Its writing associates warmth with humour, frequently as- cendins^to the regions of wit ; it is characterised, indeed, in a great degree by variety and liveliness — is often eloquent and Cvarnest — always inclining to a vein of caustic, satire — and exhibiting a fertility in felicitous and bitter jesting', perhaps its chief feature. The Spectator, it has warm attach- ments, hearty, cordial friendships, and as warm and as hearty enmities. — This paper is the cheapest of the cheap papers ; and although sold at a Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London.^ 94 NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY. — It is a cleverly conducted weekly paper, occupying, per- haps, a position in a conservative circulation most like that filled by the Sunday Times amidst those of opposite politics. 93 newspaper, and to receive a paper twice or thrice a week. This paper is ardently attached to Whig- ism, and is one of its most powerful organs. Principles: Liberal; but measures are advocated on their merits, w ithout reference to party. It is also a Literary Paper, devotes portions of its columns to miscellaneous articles, and, in fact, leaves no topic "untouched which is essential to a " Family Journal." How it is published at the price is one of those secrets of the trade which only the initiated can develope ; we cannot pretend to do it. The " Fine Arts Journal " gives reports of the proceed- ings of societies connected with those arts ; and is, in finft- alue, and its monetary and commercial intelligence are alike copious and correct. As its name imports, this journal is dedicated to the interests of that great and important profession, which sustains three other able weekly periodicals similarly devoted to the healing science. This is one of the foremost among the medical journals for ability, energy, and success : performing great services to the profession in the reporting of lectures — the pub- lication of medical and surgical cases, and of corres- pondence — and the discussion of topics connected with the science of medicine, embracing all the sister sciences of surgery, chemistry, magnetism, &c. — It has also adopted a new plan of advertising, by a reduction in price, and by circulating the half of the paper containing the advertisements gratuitously. It has some general news ; but its main features are its price lists, not only of corn, but of tallow and coal, of hops and of manures, of iron and cotton, of timber, of oils, and general aiticles of commerce, so that its cir- culation in the country, doubtless, is not restricted to farmers, but extends in a great degree among men of business generally; as supplying averages, and weekly accounts of trade, convenient for those who have not the opportunity of referring every morning to the commercial articles of the London papers. This paper is smaller and more compact in form ; but its capacity in point of size is not less, as the number of its pages is pro- portionably (we believe) increased ; an arrangement giving it more of a book or pamphlet character. It is conducted with a learning and ability fully equal to the mag- nitude and the difficulty of the themes perpetually presented for discussion. — This journal, following the " popular" impulse, was last year considerably enlarged, without any increase in price ; and its contents are now of a more miscella- neous character than formerly, as it includes tales, re- views of books, Sec. This is a partial reprint from the Times, with occasional original articles. The theatrical department is conducted with equal talent and impar- tiality. Some of the contributors were connected with " The Connois- seur," a journal which was ably edited, but lacked sup- port, and only existed about fourteen or fifteen months.

In all respects it would appear to be a necessary adjunct to the counting-house. " Forming a complete record of the proceedings of all public companies," is the declaration appended to its title ; but this must be considered as referring chielly to railways ; to the important metal by means of which they are constructed, this journal principally directs attention ; though at the same time it gives great attention to the in- terests and progress of mineralogy a^t home and abroad — especially affording intelligence respecting the mining operations carried on in this countrj'. Published by William Wright Barth, 4, Brydges Street, Catherine Street. In addi- tion to the biographies and criticisms, — a " Brief Chro- nicle" of the musical events of the preceding month is given witli each number ; — and the Musical Times thus forms a record of the art ; highly useful to those who have not the time to consult, or the means to pro- cure, more elaborate publications. Alfred Novello, at 69, Dean Street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. It frequently gives interesting biogra- phies of eminent musical characters. Advocates entire freedom of opinion on all subjects.

Published by Tyler and Reed, Bolt Court, Fleet Street. Previous to the law requiring the Gazette to adopt the usual stamp, it had for more than 20 years been known and circulated as the " Bow Street Bill." Published by William Jackson, 240, Strand. The '* humour of the thing," as admirably exhibited in the solemn burlesques, and the grave travesties, in which it is of a refined character, is well suited to educated minds ; and, indeed, though of course there is a great proportion of Punch which is far from the myriad — a considerable portion has a touch of something above mere vulgar laughter, and is worthy of wise men's perusal. — This paper, perhaps, most re- sembles the leading journal in its utter independence of, and inditlerence to, any particuhir class, sect, or party ; and this feature, associated also with certain charac- teristic individua ity, (the result, no doubt, of the exist- ence, at this moment in full force, of the same ener- getic iulluence which imparted its earlier impulses,) stamps its opinions and views with an impressive and striking- originality.

It is this which gives it its reputa- tion : w hich mere laughter will never sustain. This journal includes, besides the interests indicated in the general title, a bankrupt and insolvent register, and public com- panies' review. The spirited proprietor started with the objects of ability and impartiality before him, and has never sunk in either.

It is no discredit even in learned or grave people to be seen occasionally whiling away half an hour over Punch. This old established record of the turf is regarded by the entire sporting world as a complete epitome of its events. A large portion consists of intelligence relating to railways, domestic, colonial, and foreign. This is a very valuable organ, not only as a record of public meetings, ample share lists, &c. As containing excellent articles on Foreign Railways, this journal is much in request; its information, also, with respect to English Railways is ample, and given in the clearest and most intelligible form. There is a stern insensi- bility to all influences of party or oi person in his talented paper, most pointedly distinctive ; and in perfect har- mony with this, its leading feature and principle, is a Red Lion Court ^ Fleet Street, London.^ 126 NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY.

It is, in a word, " tragedy-comedy-history-comical-historical- pastoral-tragical historical-tragical comical-historical- pastoral ;" and finds its way into the hands alike of the million and the few. It contains ample information respecting races to come, the result of those ended, full accounts of all celebrated racers, and of what they have accom- plished, together with the state of the odds, and care- fully arranged pedigrees of winners. Reviews of auctions, both before and after the day of sale, constitute, we believe, a new feature in journalism, and, when well performed, are calculated to convey an idea of the real merits of articles offered to the competi- tion of buyers. ; but as containing much original writing of the best kind ; and as being the vehicle of opinions which all engaged in railways may profit by. It may be supposed that one so intimately connected with railway affairs as the proprietor of this journal, is endued with power to do it all possible justice. It was, originally, pub- lished three times a week ; but, although its issue is now restricted to the Saturday, its readers lose little in point of " Railway Intelligence ;" and attention is also devoted to other subjects in connection with railways. certain close, terse, sarcastic way of reasoning:, keen at detecting, and merciless in exposing-, fallacies ; with an unflinching: enuiity to all charlatanism, whether in friend or foe ; though, indeed, these terms are hardly applica- ble to a journal which appears to be sensible neither to friendship nor enmity, and to have steeled itself equally ag-ainst the seductive and the offensive.

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