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Everyone in the church knows why their church exists and plays a role in the mission.

I am so glad that Edgewood is an “aircraft carrier church”! Instead of just living for pleasure you are focused on your God-given purpose.

You tell your friends about Jesus and invite them to gather with us.

You care about what the Bible says and strive to live by it, even when it is countercultural.

It’s better to say that we have four accounts of the good news.

In that sense, it’s not really Mark’s gospel, it’s the good news of great joy about Jesus Christ.

The crew of an aircraft carrier can launch a plane every 25 seconds—all in a fraction of the space of a typical landing strip. From the pilot to the person who restocks the ship’s vending machines, everyone on a carrier knows his or her particular role and how it supports the mission—to equip, prepare, launch and receive aircraft back from their crucial assignments.

We’re beginning a brand new series this weekend called, “The Gospel of Mark: Servant and Savior.” While I’ve preached many sermons from the gospels, I’ve never preached verse-by-verse through one of them.It’s going to take us some time but we’ll also be taking some breaks as well.Lord willing, we’ll finish chapter two at the end of November.Instead of just cruising through life, you are committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.I believe Edgewood is the most generous church in the world.

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In December we’ll camp in a series that will get us ready for Christmas and then we’ll pick back up with Mark 3 in January.