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The Order Paper and Notice Paper contains the listing of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day, and notices for upcoming items.For an advanced search, use Publication Search tool. Speaker, all the snow we just got is a sure sign that the holidays are just around the corner.Indeed, recently there has been an uptick in anti-Israel demonstrations as well as acts of hate directed toward Jewish Canadians.This hate is being fuelled on campus, online, and by the racist and anti-Semitic BDS movement.

Canada's energy sector is undeniably one of the world's most accountable and transparent, yet the Liberal government has incomprehensibly stacked the deck against it, as in the case of energy east, by requiring our own industry to play by vague and ever-changing rules that do not apply to foreign competitors. While his tenure is coming to an end this year, his work as a poet, a playwright, and an activist will continue to live on.

However, the holidays are not only for celebrating.

They are also a time to give back to our community and to Canadians in need.

As a festival of light, Hanukkah reminds us of our ability as humans to cast light into the darkness, and be a spark for change for a more compassionate world where we have a right to practise our religion.

Over the decades, His Highness has greatly contributed to Canada's cultural fabric, opening Ottawa's Global Centre for Pluralism and the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, the only Islamic art museum in North America.

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