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Free cams without paying

During order I've clearly asked to not leave parcel in neighbours and got reply: "Your order will be delivered by XYZ. You will receive an email on the day of delivery." However a few days later I got following SMS confirmation: "Your Y-Cam parcel has been delivered today by XYZ local, to your neighbour ...." -- Really!!!!!????There are no words which I can say for this situation. When I replied to Y-Cam, and described situation what happen - I didn't get any email back such as "we are sorry, etc". In terms of Y-Cam - I still can't connect it to my WIFI.So say I triggered a motion alert while I was turning off a lamp in the living room before heading to bed for the night.If someone broke in 20 minutes later, I wouldn't receive a notification.I paid more for my first camera then I did for the second and third cameras and they come with free 7-day recording for three years.

Very disappointed in this company and will post every week until others realise what a shameful company they are or they go out of business.

This is very similar to Dropcam's original subscription levels, although its lowest tier cost a month for of continuous recording (so you get a few more days of footage for the same price with this new Nest service).

That's decent, but it would be much better if they offered a for 5 days option or something else similarly affordable.

Nest hasn't announced Australian availability as of yet, but the US price converts to roughly $AU260.

The new Nest Aware cloud video service cost a month for 10 days of continuous recording and a month for 30 days of continuous recording.

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Just don't expect it to function as I'm a little torn on Nest Cam.

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