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Avril Lavigne’s new album Goodbye Lullaby lacks the roller-skating euphoria of her last one, 2007’s The Best Damn Thing.Lullaby only has two rabid cheerleader rants, where Best Damn Thing was full of them.Avril flipped over once while shooting the stagediving scene and they had to stop shooting that scene and used some extras as examples so the crowd could get used to holding people up.The guy at the end of the video who fell during the stagedive was one of those who were used to get the crowd used to carrying people.

different lyrics, different melody, different genres. In a statement, Lavigne’s manager, Terry Mc Bride, called that “simply a lie.” Of the lawsuit, he said, “There is no basis for this claim.” Until the trial, though, fans can judge the putative similarities between the Rubinoos’ song and Lavinge’s hit “Girlfriend.” The band has posted clips of the two side-by-side on their official Web site.Though Lullaby boasts plenty of slow-to-midtempo love songs, none of them are what you might term “power ballads".They’re more what you might term “four-chord guitar ballads on serious themes".Avril came up with most of the concept to this video.There was an alternate ending to this video: at the end where she kicks open the door, her band members are there waiting to greet her and Evan gives her a little hug and they all leave the club.

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Tunes like “Everybody Hurts” and “I Love You” are solid, but they don’t attain the gloopy nirvana of Avril’s 2007 hit “When You’re Gone”.

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