Elucidating the spectrum of alpha thalassemia mutations in iran Adult chatting room

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2008: J Atamaniuk; A Dossenbach-Glaninger; P Hopmeier; C Oberkanins; H Puehringer; M van Trotsenburg; Validation of a reverse-hybridization Strip Assay for the simultaneous analysis of common alpha-thalassemia point mutations and deletions.

2007: A Al-Ali; S Al-Ateeq; E Baysal; C Farra; W Krugluger; HY Law; H Najmabadi; C Oberkanins; S Pissard; H Puehringer; A Taher; V Viprakasit; Elucidating the spectrum of alpha-thalassemia mutations in Iran. Data mined from MEDLINE®/Pub Med®, a database of the U.

In general the anemia is both dyserythropoietic as well as hemolytic.

In some, like Hb S the cause is apparent as lowering of oxygen tension leads to a process known as sickling of the red cells making them more susceptible to destruction by the spleen.

Unlike β-thalassemia trait and iron deficiency, no simple biochemical test can detect α-thalassemia.

There is a paucity of data on α and β - genotyping in Iran.

In 8 (27.6%) cases, deletions were seen in all regions.Measurement of lipid transfer protein in 88 apple cultivars.2007: M Fernández-Rivas; LJ Gilissen; K Hoffmann-Sommergruber; M Laimer; A Martinelli; BJ Meulenbroek; EN Mills; H Puehringer; AI Sancho; EW van de Weg; A van Leeuwen; R van Ree; S Vázquez-Cortés; M Zaccharini; L Zuidmeer; Association of endothelial protein C receptor haplotypes, factor V Leiden and recurrent first trimester pregnancy loss.2007: F Afroozan; N Almadani; A Azarkeivan; B Gholami; V Hadavi; M Jafroodi; MH Kariminejad; R Kariminejad; HY Law; M Malekpour; H Najmabadi; C Oberkanins; P Pajouh; H Puehringer; F Sahebjam; A Tamaddoni; AH Taromchi; Title and Abstract from MEDLINE®/Pub Med®, a database of the U. We conclude that reverse-hybridization provides a very rapid, accurate and easy-to-perform screening method, and, in combination with more comprehensive diagnostic methods, represents an efficient strategy for FMF genotyping.....032).

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Red cell indices are taken to be the differentiating factor in anemias due to thalassemias and from iron deficiency and are very necessary as both occur in the same areas.