Does unequally yoked apply dating

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Does unequally yoked apply dating

Technically the man in a situation like this has been honest.

He told you from the get go he didn’t want a relationship.

Here is the reality for most of you that are in or have been in this situation.

This man is telling you the truth when he says he does not want a girlfriend and a relationship.

He is not prepared to be obligated to you or to commit to you.

He wants to be able to deflect your questioning of his actions and his whereabouts.

Regardless you continue to deal with him and it’s like you two are basically in a relationship.

If he hasn’t made you his girlfriend after a good amount of time what makes you think that continuing to give him benefits is going to make him change his mind any month now. If he fails to take care of his garden, weeds of sarcasm, anger, bitterness, boredom, and resentment will start to grow.It is at that point that every man has one of three choices: Although it is an unscriptural choice, if a man wants to, he can choose to leave his wife. For some of you it’s cool but for many of you a relationship is what you truly desire. Whenever you want to discuss becoming his girlfriend and taking things to the next level, this man insists he is not looking for a relationship. too busy, emotionally unavailable, past hurt, etc) he doesn’t budge from his position of not wanting a girlfriend right now.

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I tell you this not to come off as negative but to share with you a harsh reality.

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