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Digital romance the business of online dating

Dating in the 21st Century Whatever your relationship status; whether happily in a relationship, happily dating or happily single, our obsession with technology has inevitably changed the pattern of dating in the 21st century and produced a new format for modern day romance.

Nowadays, it is paradoxical to play ‘hard-to-get’ since we’re constantly connected and our entire stream of self-consciousness is displayed for all to see online.

However, beyond that, creating and maintaining real relationships takes a lot of work.

While online dating facilitates new meetings, it’s important not to forget about romance.

After all, that’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it?

People were no longer leaving love down to serendipitous encounters, but instead, they were actively going out there looking for it.The fact of the matter is, romance isn’t dead we’re just in danger of neglecting it. Visit your grandma and have her re-tell stories of how she was wooed by your granddad; how they spent evenings dancing on the kitchen tiles and how a love note said it way better than a sweeping 140-character tweet.We know how important it is to find someone, whether it's for romance, friendship or a relationship, so whatever you’re looking for, join Independent Dating today and let us help you find it.Three quarters of students who sexted reported never experiencing a sext being forwarded and 85% of sext recipients had not forwarded a sext.So it appears Canadian teenagers are developing their own set of digital dating ethics.

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